Hey! I’m Edward, a graphic designer based in Australia, working primarily in web and screen based digital design, art and photography.

Currently keen on any freelance work, collaborations and any other potential opportunities.
  Current work:
︎Graphic Designer/Photographer at Threebyone Pty Ltd | 2018 - Present
︎Freelance Graphic Designer | 2014 - Present

  Past work:
︎Graphic Designer at CSD Brands/Neverland Store | 2016 - 2018
︎Junior Graphic Designer at Duke Creative | 2014 - 2015

  Contact me:
Email / Insta

  Selected clientele:
Neuw Denim, Abrand Jeans, Rollas Jeans, Neverland Store, NXP (Nena and Pasadena), Kiss Chacey, Sushi Radio, Taco Bill, Salcorp Property Group, Aria Serviced Apartments, RSPCA, Filmed In Ether, The Foregone Syndicate (DESYNC), Victoria Police

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